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Coldplay’s O/Ghost Stories concept art

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Sep 3, 2014

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OVERACTIVATED turned 2 today!

Jul 30, 2014

Still Standing - Documentary from Oliver Ma on Vimeo.

In this documentary, performing artist Ben Keen shares some interesting experiences and thoughts about Melbourne’s street art scene.
Film & Editing: Nic Song, Anne Xin & Oliver Ma
Music: Guitarjock

May 25, 2014

"I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way."

– Carl Sandburg

Feb 28, 2014

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The Last of Us by Krzysztof Domaradzki

Nov 5, 2013


Dishonored - Tarot Deck

Oct 29, 2013


Hexagon Apotheosis

Oct 22, 2013


Jason Ratliff, Walking shadow series.

Oct 15, 2013


Super Mario Minimalism - by Jonatas Cesar

Oct 8, 2013


Polkip, on Tumblr


Oct 1, 2013


Artist Spotlight – Vincent Roche

Written by Luke Thompson

Vincent Roche works with a lexicon of light and dark, unafraid to penetrate deeply into the familiar characters of video game lore and to bring to the surface the essences and the cores of those characters. Working from Paris, the influence of that city is felt in the certainty of his lines, and one could easily imagine finding any of these illustrations adorning the walls of the lower city cinemas – flapping, loosely, where age and the heat of Paris has pulled at their corners.

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Sep 24, 2013


A symbol Of War

Sep 17, 2013


King Pong by Kossyo, Mister AO, Ilian Iliev & Trash Lovers

Sep 10, 2013


Shapes of Cities – New Screenprints by Yoni Alter

Shapes of Cities – Update with new Prints. 5 months ago WE AND THE COLOR reported on the poster series ‘Shapes of Cities‘ by Yoni Alter. Meanwhile, some more graphic art prints of different cities are added to the collection. A small selection of new colorful works can be seen here.  If you want to see more or check out other work by Yoni Alter, do not hesitate and visit her website.

Source: We and The Color

Sep 3, 2013
Aug 27, 2013